Cross Athletic Tape

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The Chosen Ballers Wrist Tape/Athletic Tape, made with the highest quality materials and made to stick throughout the toughest of conditions. This Christian Wrist tape can be used for various sports such as soccer, football, baseball, tennis, hockey and can be used in various methods! Not only does our tape look amazing but it also gives you the chance to represent god on the field or court. The super lock technology allows for a snug wrap with virtually zero peeling even in the harshest conditions! with the cross pattern consistently throughout the whole tape you get a unique product only found on our site. Represent Your faith on the field or court and be apart of the Chosen Ballers Community. Amen and God bless!





  • High quality and reasonably priced products so all athletes can represent god on the field or court.

  • Join the community and be apart the thousands of players making an impact in the sports world.

  • Stand out on the field with our products and make an influence on other athletes around you.

  • Our products share a message and meaning like no other brands, connecting you with God and your sport even better than before.